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Nanostructured-optics with Swiss precision

XRnanotech is the leading Swiss manufacturer of highest-quality X-ray optics from high-aspect-ratio Fresnel zone plates with record-breaking resolution to ultra-stable diamond optics and custom

3D-nanostructures for a wide range of X-ray applications. 

Different nanostructured optics phase corrector, Lenses, Fresnel zone plate and grating

View our portfolio of the most advanced custom-made high-quality optics

Learn how we achieve our outstanding capabilities in the manufacturing of optics

Read the story of one of Switzerland's deep-tech pioneers

worldwide customers

Customers all over the world trust us

as a supplier of X-ray optics for scientific experimenting, material testing, medical imaging and more.

We deliver individualized optics with a low lead time and full service.

We are capable of manufacturing Fresnel zone plates with down to <10nm resolution, and offer a wide range of materials like Gold, Nickel, Silicon (dioxide), Iridium, Chromium and even Diamond.

Our patented technologies are product to years of research at the world-renown

Paul Scherrer Institute

High Precision nano structures
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Numerous Institutions have reinforced our claim to a leading position in Switzerland's Startup scene.

We have been named a Deep Tech Pioneer, granted the PSI Founder Fellowship, won the Venture Kick Program and much more.

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Supporters and Collaborators

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