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- Designed to enable unique applications at synchrotrons and XFELs

- Different use cases:

   o Focusing

   o Beam splitting

   o Generating beams with orbital angular momentum

- Wide range of material choices (Au, Ni, Si, SiO2, Ir, Cr, Diamond)


Spiral zone plates

 Spiral zone plates

multifocus zone plate

Multi-focus zone plate


- Optics can be designed according to customers’ needs.

- Please get in contact with us.


F. Döring et al. Multifocus off-axis zone plates for x-ray free-electron laser experiments Optica 7 (8) p. 1007

P. R. Ribič et al. Extreme-Ultraviolet Vortices at a Free-Electron Laser Phys. Rev. X 8.3 (2018)

B. Rösner et al. High resolution beam profiling of X-ray free electron laser radiation by polymer imprint development Optics express 25 (24), p. 30686

Custom design optics

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