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Are you curios about the possibilities of micro- and nano fabrication but you are not sure where to begin?

Our expert team is here to guide you through your journey. We specialize in offering comprehensive consulting and engineering services tailored to bring your projects to life.


We support you during your various phases of your project

Solution Engineering: Finding the right solution for your needs

Custom Designs: Tailored product development for your applications 

End-to-End Project Management: Sourcing, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Shipping


Foundry service with cleanroom technology
Foundry service advanced metrology

Sensors and Detectors

Multi Lens Array, grayscale lithography, Lenses
3D nanoprinting, 3D lithography, Nanoprinting

2.5D and 3D Structures

Silicon Wires, Nano wires, Silicon rods, high aspect ratio silicon
Gold mesh, 2D grating, gold grating
Grating, calibration calipers
Blazed Gratings, Spectral Grating, Spectroscopy Grating

Solutions from Millimeter to Nanometer

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Foundry Services

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