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- Diffractive gratings on thin membranes or silicon wafers

- Different use cases:

   o Beam splitting

   o Grating interferometry

   o Phase contrast imaging

- Wide range of material choices (Si, Au, Ni, SiO2, Ir, Cr, Diamond)


Silicon x ray gratings custom made

Si grating (p=1800 nm)

Au grating (p=100-200 nm)

high aspect ratio Silicon Oxide grating nanometer pitch

SiO2 grating (p=500nm)

Tunable kinoform x-ray beam splitter, triangle grating, grating, high aspect ratio grating

Tunable Kinoform Beamsplitter


- Gratings can be designed according to customers’ needs using various fabrication approaches

- Please get in contact with us


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Gratings and beam splitters

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