XRnanotech manufactures the worlds most advanced optics for a wide range of X-ray applications 

Fresnel zone plates

High aspect-ratio zone plates from an ample choice of materials, manufactured with electron beam lithography

Ultra-high resolution

zone plates

<10nm resolution zone plates made possible with the Ir-line-doubling-technique

High-efficiency zone plates

Blazed optics that achieve double the photon efficiency of binary optics, from an ample choice of materials

Diamond optics

Zone plates, gratings and other optics made of diamond for applications with extreme heat load, e.g. at FELs

Custom design optics

Free design of optics for unique applications like beam splitting, focusing or orbital angular momentum 

3D nanostructures

Custom 3D-printed structures, e.g. phase corrector plates, kinoform lenses and arrays or resolution test targets 

Hartmann wavefront

sensor plates

Created with high-Z materials through deep reactive ion etching

Resolution test samples

Standard or custom resolution test patterns with state-of-the-art accuracy

Zernike phase contrast

Full field transmission X-ray microscope optics, set of condensers, zone plates and zernike phase rings 

Gratings and beam splitters

Diffractive gratings for beam splitting, phase contrast imaging or grating interferometry



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